Beyond The Realm

Out of the body time travel. Physical Time Travel.

Journey's and experiences to past, present, and future times, and dimensions.




True stories of healings and the methods used, will astound even the non- believers.


Intriguing stories about where we go after the death of the physical body


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Afterlife Realm


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Rick Now shows you physical Proof, with photos, videos, and audio EVP communication streamed back from the World of Spirit...Our Afterlife!

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The JUMP GATE is my new invention that I am developing to achieve TELEPORTATION, physical and astral travel to past, present, and future times of Earth, and other dimensions, and Galaxies.

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Welcome to the Time Travel Realm!

My name is Rick Lipani. I am not a medium, have any psychic ability, or have never had an NDE(Near-Death Experience). I have been to many dimensions, realms of existence, and have explored  areas of our afterlife. On this website, topics included are: Out Of The Body Time Travel (obe/astral), Physical Time Travel, Healing, Afterlife Communication, EVP's and Retrievals(soul rescues).

Please Enjoy Your Stay.

You will find information on this site, useful, extrordinary, and sometimes beyond belief. I only ask that you view this information with an open mind. Remember, with an open mind, all things are possible in the Realm of Thought.

Experience New Perspectives.

View your Physical reality in a totally different light. From traveling through physical and non-physical realms of wonder and healing, onto the final realm we will enter after we shed the physical body.....our eternity.....The Realm Of Spirit!


Purpose Of This Website


I publish this information, to hopefully benefit all human kind, by sharing my discoveries, my knowledge, and direct experience, to what I have witnessed, in other dimensions, such as our afterlife, in the vast astral worlds. I am hear mainly as a messenger to all those who want to increase their knowledge, and move ahead on their spiritual evolutionary path, and to understand, that we are more than physical beings. OBE/Astral time travel is one of the many things that await us all, once we shed the physical body, known by the Earth term, called Death. For those with curiosity, like myself, and long to know the truth of our existence and questions as I did, such as, who are we, what are we, where are we, where did we come from  before we were here, why are we here, and where do we go when we leave here? These are things you can explore, and find out for yourself, while still having a physical body.


There is no such thing as Death. It is merely an extension of life, as we pass from one dimension to the next. In my book; BEYOND THE REALM…”We Are More Than Physical Beings!”  I explain in great detail that Time Travel, the Afterlife, and the countless dimensions of the astral worlds are all connected to form our reality, in the physical, and the non-physical Worlds, and to shine a new light on what society has labeled as dreams, are really unconscious out of body experiences, as your soul conditions your unconscious mind during the sleep-state, to the look and feel of the dimension that you will pass to, what we will all pass to, the Afterlife in the Astral Worlds. The place we came from, the place we shall return to. The information I have compiled will help all human kind with such things as, grief of a loved one, with self healing of the mind, body, and spirit, and most important of all, help in conquering one’s fears and beliefs, and to find the truth of their existence, and purpose of life on Earth. The choice is totally up to you; only you can verify what I am telling you, by exploring for yourself, or continue wondering, what awaits you. The only thing that is left to do is, to accept this material, or not to accept this material.

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